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September 2017

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By Robert J. Fehl T oday, there is an urgent demand for accountability and water conservation. To meet these challenges, facility owners need more data — intelligent data. And they need it delivered quickly. This article describes solutions for total visibility of water use at commercial and industrial sites. The latest technology advancements in submetering, including flow measurement dashboards and cloud-based analytics, provide the means to ensure proactive leak detection and detailed consumption information, conserve resources, reduce lost water, and improve operational efficiency. Introduction Water is an essential substance in the modern world. It is used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, manufacturing, irrigation, sanitation, and more. However, there is a common misperception that water supplies are abundant thanks to plentiful precipitation and that storage is unlimited. Due to climate change and population growth, there is a critical need to use water more efficiently. Studies have shown that global water demand will increase 55 percent by 2050.1 For this reason, national and local governments are mandating strict water conservation measures. For example, U.S. government agencies must reduce their potable water consumption by 2 percent yearly through 2020 over their 2007 baseline. 2 The State of California has enacted a 20 percent reduction in water use by 2020 over its 2005 baseline. 3 According to a recent United Nations report, up to 65 percent of reduction in water and energy use is possible in some American cities via efficient water appliances, leak reduction, and use of dry landscaping. 4 Importance Of Submetering Fast, easy access to powerful water-use information is imperative for organizations of all sizes. In fact, increasing government regulations, natural resource scarcity, emerging environmental concerns, and growing cultural awareness make it essential. Most facility owners/ managers are interested in reducing water consumption on their properties, although they lack information on how to accomplish the desired reductions and — particularly at the smaller facilities — the time to develop and maintain efficient systems. With increased water rates in many regions, commercial and industrial sites are motivated to reduce usage levels and, at the same time, identify leaks and equipment malfunctions. They 26 wateronline.com n Water Innovations Advancements in submetering and cloud-based data analytics help reduce consumption, lower costs, and improve operational efficiency. Flow Measurement Management Enables Total Visibility Of Water Use Due to climate change and population growth, there is a critical need to use water more efficiently.

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