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JAN 2016

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If zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is too costly, water reuse and sustainability can still be prioritized and realized through minimal liquid discharge (MLD). By Snehal Desai, Steve Rosenberg, and Nanette Hermsen A s we move toward a circular economy based on virtually no waste, with raw materials continually recycled and reused, the crucial role water plays is top of mind for corporate leaders across the globe. Conversations around water supply challenges have penetrated the boardroom level in 62 percent of large companies, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), unlike in years past when sustainable practices were relegated to mid-level management. Moreover, almost a quarter of the 830 companies surveyed by the CDP said that water-related issues could limit the growth of their businesses. 1 Manufacturing is one of the sectors most vulnerable to water shortages. With global water demand for manufacturing anticipated to increase by 400 percent from 2000 to 2050, 2 maximizing the efficient use of water by industry is a critical step in the right direction — for both the environment and the bottom line. Adopting A Minimal Liquid Discharge Mindset Business value is at risk if companies don't take capital considerations surrounding water use into account and adjust their operations accordingly. Companies must strike a balance between meeting their objectives and what is practical or reasonable in terms of costs. While zero liquid discharge (ZLD) — a water treatment process in which all wastewater produced is purified and recycled, leaving zero liquid discharge at the end of the treatment cycle — is a viable solution for some companies, it's not the most realistic solution for all, given the steep price tag. When facing significant discharge mitigation costs, businesses often wonder, "What are my other options besides ZLD?" One solution is minimal liquid discharge (MLD), an approach adopted by brand names like General Motors and Frito-Lay. MLD is a more cost-effective and sustainable way for companies to improve their water footprint, enabling up 36 wateronline.com n Water Innovations Minimal Liquid Discharge: Adopting A "Less Is More" Mindset

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